Remember when you were a kid and your parents signed you up for every activity possible so you could figure out what you were into and what you weren’t? 

“Okay, so tuba lessons on Monday, ballet is Tuesday, karate on Wednesday, soccer seasons starts on Thursday, and Friday is for spelling bee practice. Let’s do this!” 

And it’s definitely still happening to kids today (although I think these activities feel a little more mandatory to this generation. Like, they’re already thinking about their resumes and what extracurriculars would look good.)

But I’m not here to weigh in on that. I don’t care about pageant moms, tiger moms, or dads for that matter. (At least not in this blogpost).  

My question is why do we as kids do all this awesome stuff but then never have an outlet to do it again as adults? Why is it so hard to find an adult dance class (that doesn’t involve a pole) or an adult soccer team (that isn’t filled with David Beckham superstars) or painting classes (that don’t involve getting drunk first)? 

Why do we have to do the “adult” versions of things we did as kids? Why did we spend all of our time developing passions that we can’t do because of our 9-5 jobs? 

Now, if you’re a professional athlete because your parents made you work from when you could walk until now, then that’s great. 

But for everyone else who played a sport when they were younger and are now trying to get the same satisfaction running around the track at a gym – what happens to them? 

I say we build our passions again. We find a recreational soccer team. We sign up for instrument lessons. We take back our Tuesday night from vegging and drinking wine on the couch. We find what we loved. 

Why? Because we loved these things when we were younger and they made us who we are today. Why should that change just because we’re older? If anything, we need our passions more than ever. 

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